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Jewellery designer Babette Wasserman is leading the way in the UK’s crowded contemporary jewellery sector. Her readily recognizable style featuring semi-precious jewellery and unconventional materials such as coloured leather, Japanese silk and carbon fibre, as well as the stunning glitter of crystals in her Swarovski jewellery, has won her an ever growing and intensely loyal client following including numerous stars of the big and small screen.

Her cufflinks have been pictured on Antonio Banderas and David Beckham, her designer rings, earrings[/url] and silver necklaces on the likes of Peaches Geldorf and Cheryl Cole. With clients like these it’s no wonder that the Babette Wasserman collection of sterling silver jewellery is so popular.

Babette Wasserman is a world leader in innovative designer jewellery, but the affordability of every piece in her jewellery collection makes it accessible to all.

Popular products from the Babette Wasserman collection include silver rings, Swarovski rings, sterling silver earrings, designer necklaces and sterling silver cufflinks. Babette Wasserman’s innovative range of [url=http://www.babette-wasserman.com/cufflinks-134.php target=_self]
men’s cufflinks[/url] is among the most popular in the world, proving that Babette’s jewellery line doesn’t simply cater for a female client base.

Babette Wasserman silver jewellery offers you the perfect gifts for men and women alike. Aesthetically flawless inspired design has elevated this collection to the global stage, and now Babette Wasserman rings, silver earrings, necklaces and designer cufflinks are sold in over thirty countries around the world.

The Designer – Babette Wasserman
Babette Wasserman is a classically trained jewellery designer, educated at St Martins College of Art, and currently working from a design studio in London’s Notting Hill. She has been consistently creating exciting and innovative pieces of contemporary jewellery for her own label and others (such as Kenzo, Alfred Dunhill and Aquascutum) for over a decade now.

Babette Wasserman’s hallmark is her innovative design and her ability to create new and deliciously different jewellery that is either classically elegant or ultra modern, depending on her mood. She is very fashion conscious and is keen to maintain the versatility of her contemporary jewellery to suit any environment and any taste.

As a result, her designer jewellery, comprising semi-precious jewellery, sterling silver jewellery and Swarovski jewellery, has continued to please and enthuse her many and varied clientele.

Babette is constantly seeking inspiration for her next piece of contemporary jewellery, and this drive and passion ensure that her collection continues to grow not only in volume but in esteem.

Babette Wasserman has always produced the finest and most creatively brilliant sterling silver jewellery, semi-precious jewellery and designer jewellery. Bearing testimony to this is the fact that she has been a three-time nominee and one-time recipient of the prestigious UK Fashion Export Award for achievements in worldwide export and business excellence. She was also one of just seven brands shortlisted for “Jewellery Brand of the Year” at the UK Jewellery Awards 2010.

Babette’s jewellery line is today sold in over thirty countries worldwide (including fashion hotspots such as London, Tokyo, New York, Milan, Paris and Sydney). The illustrious designer is also a member of the British Jeweller's Association. With growing popularity, Babette Wasserman’s reputation and international reach can only go from strength to strength.

The Designs
Babette Wasserman’s creative vision combines the elegant class of semi-precious jewellery with the flair of modern fashion in the vibrant colours and sparkle of her Swarovski jewellery. By incorporating beautifully crafted geometric shapes and organic forms, Babette has developed a truly versatile range of designer jewellery.

Another distinct element of the Babette Wasserman Collection is the enchanting use of colours. Each individual stone is selected for its specific place in the overall design as well as for its purity and shine. Babette Wasserman Swarovski jewellery is the perfect example of this, with up to 600 shimmering crystals on her Swarovski rings or a single stone perfectly set into a sterling silver jewellery band.

Babette Wasserman has been pushing the boundaries of contemporary jewellery for the last decade, and because of its unique adaptability she has continued to innovate with every new offering. Many of her designer rings, men’s cufflinks and silver necklaces use different materials on either side to make them reversible, instantly doubling the looks achievable with her jewellery.

With designs in both the avant-garde and classical genres, Babette Wasserman’s line of modern jewellery, which features Swarovski rings, silver cufflinks, designer necklaces and sterling silver earrings, is among the best in the world.

There is always something in her designer jewellery line to suit all occasions, from formal and casual to the more extravagant party occasions.

Going beyond the conventional female-based confines of jewellery design, Babette Wasserman produces some of the finest men’s cufflinks available in the UK today. Using an impressive array of materials and styles, she has produced a wondrous collection of sterling silver cufflinks and designer cufflinks that incorporate 18 carat gold and rhodium finishes, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious jewels. From classic to quirky in style and from traditional to innovatively different in makeup, Babette Wasserman silver cufflinks are in a league of their own.

Her imaginative approach to jewellery design led to the invention of double-sided men’s cufflinks, which she introduced to the world over ten years ago. Today these versatile cufflinks are sold all over the globe, and the innovative sliding central plate continues to allow their wearers the freedom to choose from two completely different looks, depending on their disposition.

Babette Wasserman’s passion for creativity has recently extended beyond silver jewellery and into the realms of fashion with a range of ties that she has designed. These pure silk ties, made in England, are available separately or with any combination of men’s cufflinks, though you may wish to take advantage of the fact that Babette has designed some to match. Ties and cufflinks can also be combined in a box set and presented as men’s gifts in our lavishly finished wooden gift boxes.

Limited Edition
Babette Wasserman’s limited edition jewellery line provides a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of sterling silver jewellery, semi-precious jewellery or her own designs of Swarovski jewellery that is not only stylish and elegant but also uniquely different and part of a very short run. Babette Wasserman releases a new limited edition collection every year, and by definition its pieces are produced only in very small quantities that, once sold, will never be produced again. Pendants, designer necklaces, silver earrings, bracelets and other pieces of designer jewellery have been included in the past. Keep yourself updated about any future limited edition jewellery releases through our newsletter.